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Every year more men are dying of prostate cancer. Men need new and more effective therapy. Please help our world class scientists improve survival for the next generation of men with life-threatening prostate cancer. It is only through research that we can make progress. Professor John Masters, PCRC. 


What is PCRC

The Prostate Cancer Research Centre is based at the University College London under the leadership of Professor John Masters. It now employs a team of scientists and support staff who need over £1.5 million each year to fund a highly respected research programme. The centre is the sole charity focused on the direct funding of world class scientists and developing new treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

The PCRC Mission

The mission of PCRC is to develop new therapy for men with advanced prostate cancer. The immediate goal is to increase survival and our vision is a cure for the disease. PCRC carries out research into the treatment for and the causes of, the UK’s most commonly diagnosed male cancer.